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The Six Inner Element Wheels
The Spirit of Life, Flames, Inner Emotions.
Flipped, it leads to rash emotional outbreak and fiery destruction.
Expansive, it promotes Willpower, Creativity and Joy.
Legendaries Associated: Entei, Moltres(1), Victini(4)

Water: The Flow of Life, fluidity and the calm flowing spirit.
Flipped, it can overtake and drown everything.
Conserving, it promotes Spontaneity and Calmness.
Legendaries Associated: Suicune, Manaphy, Phione, Kyogre

Ground: The Source of Life, metals and minerals.
Flipped, it is a rocky tomb.
Stabilizing, it promotes Clarity and Empathy.
Legendary Associated: Groudon

Flying: The Freedom of Life, Wind.
Originally called 'Air', named Flying Type by Pokemon scientists.
Flipped, it is chaos.
Late Summer.
Contracting, it promotes Intuition, Freedom and Courage.
Legendary Associated: Tornadus, Ho-oh(1)

Normal: Life Itself, the Physical Body.
Originally called 'Heart', named Normal Type by Pokemon scientists.
Flipped, it is death and the end of one's life.
Generative, it promotes Emotion, Sensitivity and Patience.
Legendaries Associated: Arceus, Regigigas, Meloetta(2)

Psychic: The Soul of LIfe. Life within and without, ying and yang, moving without touching. The Soul merges with all of the other main elements.
Originally called 'Soul', named Psychic Type by Pokemon scientists.
Flipped, it is pure raw emotional instability.
Early Spring.
Spiritual, it promotes Wisdom, Excitement and Faith.
Legendaries Associated: Mew, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Cresselia, Lugia(3),Victini(4), Jirachi(5)

The Ten Outer Element Wheels
The Ten Outer Elements are combinations of the Five Primal Elements (Minus the Soul which is a combination of all five) merged together.

Grass: Combining the Flow of life of water with the Source of life of ground, it is the primal source of all living things living together in harmony, the delicate and fragile heartbeat of the planet itself and its lifeforce.
Original called 'Mana' or 'Lifestream', named Grass Type by Pokemon Scientists.
Legendary Associated: Celebi, Shaymin

Dragon: Born out of the great powers of fire and the mastery of the air, a Dragon is a great Pokemon beast who inspires awe in its brethren. Many of the great legendary beasts of old are found under its protection.
Original called 'Legendary Lord', 'Great Lord' or just 'Lord', named Dragon Type by Pokemon Scientists due to many looking like the ancient beasts.
Legendaries Associated: Latias, Latios, Rayquaza, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Dialga, Palkia

Electric: Harnessing the raw power of Air, creating a bridge right down to the ground below. It merges both to become an element that is wild, powerful and completely unstable.
Legendaries Associated: Raikou, Zapdos

Steel: Forged from the ground and fire, it is an element that strikes hard and merges fire's tenacity with ground's pure strength to become an element that is impenetrable.
Legendary Associated: Registeel, Heatran

Rock: The spirit of the ground itself, rocks are found everywhere in various levels of power. It merges the ground's strength with its own will, creating a stone wall.
Legendary Associated: Regirock

Dark: The primordial emotion of one's soul, it merges fire's emotions with one's body to become pure, raw uncontrollable emotional downpour.
Legendary Associated: Darkrai

Fighting: Merging fire's spirit and emotions with water's calm and control, it becomes a discipline that creates precise movements that can become voracious and tenacious.
Legendaries Associated: Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo

Poison: Merging the body's need and will to protect itself from danger and water's fluidity, the combination is a deadly secretion of toxins which paralyze and harm the body of others.
Legendary Associated: There are no Legendaries associated with it.

Bug: The most abundant source of life on the planet, insects represent the free spirit of life with one's soul. It is once said that they might have been the first creatures to emerge on the planet after Arceus formed it. They are, however, much more fragile than the Lords.
This type was once called 'Mortals', it was renamed Bug type after Pokemon Scientists noticed a lot of the types seemed to be made of insects.
Legendary Associated: Gensect(6)

Ice: Merging the upper air with the source of water, it solidifies to become crystals that are hard, cold and deadly. It stops the fluidity of water in its tracks.
Legendaries Associated: Articuno, Regice

The Final Element
Ghost: The final journey.
Made up of the body, the spirit and the mind itself.
On some charts the Ghost element is displayed on the other side of the table, to indicate its nature as the end of mortal life, being an integral part of the circle but never quite fitting in.
Legendary Associated: Giratina

(1) Ho-oh & Moltres are still argued by experts to this day if they should be placed in the Lord/Dragon category due to their mastery over Air and Fire. However, most accept Moltres in Fire due that it is its primary element associated, and Ho-oh in the Air due to its title of 'Lord of the Skies'.

(2) Meloetta is a Legendary that appears to be able to switch forms, but still posses the heart in both cases. One form concentrates more on the soul, the other on fighting. The heart is associated with it due to its ability to inspire human and Pokemon kind with its songs.

(3) Lugia also presents similar problems; many debates considering its title - Guardian of the Seas - if it should be placed in the Water, Lord, Air or Psychic element. This is further complicated with legends that say its powers can cause it to create storms with just the flap of its wings. However, due to its strong powers of the Psychic/Soul, it will be usually found listed under this category. Each Dojo differs in how it places the Legendary Creature.

(4) Victini is unique in that it represents the Grandest part of the Soul, fueled with the burning desire of fire and passion. Many have considered it the Pokemon of Victory and the Soul Itself. This is why it shows up in both Fire and Heart elements.

(5) While also a Steel Pokemon, Jirachi's ability to grant wishes has many Masters placing it in the Heart element.

(6) We understand that Genosect is considered a Legendary Bug, but because of its death millions of years ago, it is sometimes refused as a true representative of the element.
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[You may have noticed that during the last few days, someone's been in the rooftop, mostly being silent, putting Wukong's training to good use and...thinking.

Considering it is Sasha, that is a pretty scary thing™.

If you wish to bother her or talk to her it is a pretty good time to do so.]
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[There is now a Sasha back in the school. If you catch a glimpse of her human form, you might notice she looks different than before. The yellow highlights are completely gone and her hair is a bit shorter because of it. She's also put on a bit of weight and muscle. Nothing that this is noticeable by the eye since she's only been training for a month, but if you're of the really creepy type / or someone from her family, you might realize that touching her arms gives more resistance than before. It's a start. She also has stopped wearing shoes and walks around campus, hobbit style only with less hair.

A few of you have received beautiful glass vases as presents from Sasha and her new glassblowing hobby. And by beautiful pieces I mean melted piles of glass goop that almost look like vases. She's trying hard, okay, these were all done by herself.]

...That was a strange time to come back [She does not want to remember what happened with Sonny. Or with Red.]. Any teachers that I owe homework to, I've been doing all of my work as I was instructed and given. Expect anything that you didn't get back by mail last week to be delivered to your respective teacher mailboxes later today. Also the dorm room feels pretty empty now that Spinny's gone. Hopefully I'll get someone by next year.

[Private to Red Team] )

[Private to Professor Oak] )

[Private letter to the Hands ] )

[Private to Max] )

[Private to Bulba ] )

[Private to Char] )

[Private to Rhys] )

[Private to no this doesn't exist] )
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[Sasha only bought these for the mudkip but the rest where kinda cool too.

All of the men she dated got one except Char which wasn't a date anyway, plus her entire team, plus Spinny. Vinnie got one with an apology note for being so dumb.]

[And then she wandered the halls of the school, sliding them under rooms]
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...I wonder who likes me like that...
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[If you see Sasha for the next few days, she seems excited about something. She is also spending a remarkable amount of time outside (when not studying of course) to practice her fighting skills.]

I can't wait for spring to be upon us! Winter's nice and all, but there's hardly any sunlight and the weather reminds me too much of the mountain tops. I had more than enough snow there to last me for a few years!  I think I like the green a lot more, it makes everything seem a lot less dead.

Everyone in this school is so amazing! And Nancy is really good at figuring out what you like after a few times. I don't even have to ask him to give me extra, extra hot sauce anymore, he just knows.
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[Sasha is obviously poor and does not have her own money. And her artistic skills are near nil. Therefore, she has looked for help and found the perfect gift for everyone. Kinda. Sorta. SHE TRIED.]
Red Team, Green Team, Spaceman Moltres, Max, Hawke, Claus, Maxwell, Jeff, Blast, Knuckles, Spinny, Raikov, Vlogin, Secret Santa Joshua, Everyone else )
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It's a good thing Sasha doesn't have anyone else in the room right now because she is roaring up a storm and reopening her wounds, thanks to a certain douche being a douche.]
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[There is a click and what seems like someone adjusting the computer around, eventually there is a girl looking back at you.]

Hello Smash Academy! This place is amazing! There's so many different trainers and Pokemon and things I have no idea what to call you and oh gosh, I think I saw Rock Band in the student lounge.....anyway. [She is grinning so much ROCK BAND IS THE BEST THING OKAY.]

Name's Sasha. I'm Red's Charizard! Yeap, that's me! Good old Sasha. And like the rest of Red team, we're here to ROCK. YOUR. WORLD, (well more like rockband how do I turn this bold off oh there we go...) KICK ASS and LEARN EDUCATION!

I like spelling. [Pause] And writing. And computers. I'm so proud and happy that everyone's gonna be coming here to learn too, and thankful that Red's okay with us coming here too.

Um, by the way, the phone we were given? Is it possible to get another? I kinda...melted the keyboard when I spoke into it the first time, I'm so sorry. It's just controlling my breath in human form is still pretty hard.

Max! Love the biceps, it was nice to meet ya. [Thumbs up!]

Spinny! I'm still looking for a good pair of glasses for you. [She holds up a pair of sunglasses, and puts them on herself.] I think these are too big for you. [They look silly on her too.]

[Private to Red Team, aka sent e-mails]
You guys! Apparently Giovanni is teaching something, this school lets everyone in, it's hilarious! Uh....not that I think we're considered in the everyone. I meant like...Giovanni and Green Team.

I say we take turns and start stalking him as soon as possible. I bet he's just bidding his time or something. We can't let him try to take over the school or harm anyone. That's the Red Team Way, right?!